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These Games Subvert Boring Hollywood Hacking Clichés

'Beglitched,' 'Quadrilateral Cowboy,' and 'Hacknet' show how hacking in games can be colorful, clever, and pleasantly clunky.
Caty McCarthy

For Better or Worse, the Original ‘Watch Dogs’ Did Violence Differently Than Most Video Games

So many open-world games make violence just a thing that happens to nameless nobodies. Watch Dogs, for all its faults, changed that.
Ed Smith

What’s with These Video Game Sequels That Nobody Wanted?

Another Homefront? A second Dead Island proper? We can't have a new Burnout, but these sequels get the green light? The fuck is happening, Video Games?
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Violent Video Games are Better for Us Than Bloodless Blockbuster Movies

Gory video games are something we can discuss, and learn from. But CGI-heavy flicks full of devastation but no deaths? Hardly.
Oliver Lee Bateman
VICE vs Video games

What the Music of ‘Watch Dogs’ Says About Its ‘Hero’, Aiden Pearce

Our protagonist's handpicked tracks tell us a lot about the man inside the trench coat. Mainly, that he's a piece of shit.
Ed Smith

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Illustrates How Big Games Must Stop Attacking Big Business

An anti-system narrative just can't work, convincingly, when its millionaire writers are every inch a part of the new mainstream.
Ed Smith
VICE vs Video games

How Not to Fall for Video Game Hype

This article on managing expectations could be the greatest thing you'll ever read.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

Awesome Trailer For Hacktivist Game Uses Infographics To Convey Its Theme

Patrick Clair’s Watch Dogs trailer reveals a world of corporate control and privacy invasion.
Kevin Holmes