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We Made a Chef Review Snoop Dogg's New Cookbook Recipes

Gabriel Pryce, of London's American-style comfort food spot Rita's, weighs up some of the recipes Snoop has to offer.
Daisy Meager
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We Asked an Expert Why We Stay Obsessed with Music From Our Teens

After a New York Times report confirmed that we solidify our music taste in adolescence, we spoke to someone who could explain why.
Daisy Jones
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Your Star Sign Affects Your Music Taste in Ways You May Not Realise

We spoke to astrologer Annabel G how something as intrinsic as your "sign" might be useful beyond vintage pick-up lines.
Daisy Jones
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We Asked a Filmmaker to Rank the MTV VMA ‘Best Editing’ Nominees

Objectively speaking, does the Weeknd tell a smoother visual story than, say, Chainsmokers?
Maddy Smith
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Why Certain Drugs Make Specific Genres Sound So Good

We investigate what happens in our brains to make MDMA and house, speed and punk or hip-hop and lean go so well together.
Daisy Jones
Deep Ass Questions

Just How Real Is PMS Clumsiness?

It's either a thing or leftover from the days when science tried to justify treating women like freaks for menstruating.
Lara Williams
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Why Exactly Are We So Obsessed With Songs About Heartbreak?

We spoke to a bunch of experts about why we like to scream Cher's "Believe" in the aftermath of a break-up.
Sammy Maine
Ask A Lawyer

Can Brands Really Make Artists Change Their Names?

Burberry's suit against Burberry Perry is the latest in a long history of brands and artists clashing over trademark infringement.
Jessica Meiselman
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We Asked a Linguist Why Alex Turner Now Sounds Like An Old Cowboy

Alex Turner's voice now sounds like Sean Bean doing a Bill Clinton impression at gun point first thing in the morning. We wanted to know why.
Dan Wilkinson
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We Asked an Expert If Shoegaze Is Really Making a Comeback

Don’t throw away your reverb pedals and Moose records just yet.
Noisey Australia
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I Asked a Doctor Why I Got Goosebumps While Watching the Buzzcocks

Why did my skin pucker-up like a plucked bird all weekend?
Josh Gardiner
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Is Martin Shkreli Delaying the Release of the Kanye West Album? We Asked an Expert

Shkreli claims that the album – which still hasn’t been given a release date – is being delayed because he’s put in an $10million offer to buy it. We asked a music law specialist if he's talking shit.
Ryan Bassil