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"Weird Al" Is Rivers Cuomo in Weezer's Very Familiar Video for "Africa"

With the shot-for-shot "Sweater Song" remake, the meme has begun to consume its own delicious tail.
Alex Robert Ross

A Very Normal Conversation with “Weird Al”

The beloved musical comedy icon talks about the mundane things that comprise his day-to-day life.
Dan Ozzi
Noisey News

Weird Al Snuck a Bunch of Cheese Puns Into the New York Times Crossword

The answers seem obvious at first, but you should tread Caerphilly.
Alex Robert Ross

One Man's 14-Year Fight to Get Weird Al a Walk of Fame Star

“I literally was jumping up and down and tears came to my eyes. I was so happy. I’d been waiting for this moment for so long.”
Jennifer Swann
Deep Ass Questions

What Music Do Teachers Listen to so They Can Get Pumped for School?

We asked a bunch of teachers what their before-class pump-up jams are. From metal to meditative chants, these are the songs they picked.
Noisey Staff

There's Nothing Weird About a Weird Al Marionette

Darren Moreash makes crafting rock'n'roll marionettes his artform.
Abby Ronner

Why Can't I Stop Laughing at This Lenny Kravitz Parody Video?

"Weird Al" Yankovic skipped parodying "Fly Away" back in 1998, so avid YouTuber Neil Cicierega has taken a stab it now. In 2014. It's mainly focused on Kravitz's obsession with dragonflies and Milky Way bars.
Mike Pearl

"Weird Al" Yankovic Sat Down with Us to Explain How He Conquered the Internet

It wasn't until I actually saw him stroll into the lobby that I really believed the reigning King of the Internet could take a moment away from darting all over the digital landscape to talk to the likes of me. It ended up being a long conversation.
Mike Pearl

The Juvenile Genius of Weird Al

The 54-year-old spoof artist rides again.