West Coast


How All the West Coast Wildfires Could Affect the Taste of Wine

Last year’s wildfires were so bad that many West Coast wineries were forced to dump wine made from the smoky grapes.
Lauren Rothman

Warren G Ain't Trippin, Ain't Mad, and Is Forever Hip-Hop's Unsung Legend

We sit down with the G-funk great to talk his new documentary, the birth of West Coast rap, and his legacy beyond "Regulate."
Torii MacAdams

Nocando's "True Autumn" Is An Impassioned Stream of Consciousness

The LA rapper releases the title track from his forthcoming EP.
Lawrence Burney
Remembering Things

Dâm-Funk Breaks Down the Freaky Influence of Electro Pioneers Uncle Jamm's Army

Ahead of a new documentary he scored, we join the LA funk scion in his studio to talk about growing up with the game-changing hip-hop crew, attracting women with vinyl, and why funk is like "a smile with a tear."
Torii MacAdams
Last Call

Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

Bay Area legend Gina Parle of the Warehouse Cafe tells us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason

Snoop Dogg Shares "Trash Bags," His Strip Club Friendly New Single from 'NEVA LEFT'

The hip-hop legend drops the second single from his 15th studio album, 'NEVA LEFT'.
Noisey Staff

Inside New Zealand's Reclusive, Anti-Technology Christian Community

For the most part, the public has relied on accounts of ex-Gloriavale members to understand daily life within the community, but photographer Cam McLaren was invited into the community and gave VICE an exclusive preview of what he saw.
Cam McLaren, Words by Beatrice Hazlehurst
The Music Issue

Oakland Rapper Kamaiyah Is Repping for West Coast Women

We spoke with rising 24-year-old Bay Area rap star Kamaiyah about her ambition, her influences, and the inspiration behind her 'Rugrats' tattoo.
Antwaun Sargent
food fad

We Spoke to the People Queueing for London’s In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up

“If the burger is shitty, I’ll get some spray paint out and write “Shitty” across the front of the shop.”
Morgan Harries

A French Hitchhiker Lost His Shit in New Zealand After No One Picked Him Up

He smashed up the Punakaiki entrance sign—allegedly worth $3000—and threw it into a river.
Beatrice Hazlehurst
Make this

This Kimchi Sandwich Is Probably the World's Best Office Lunch

This week, get started on this classic Reuben sandwich made with brined, simmered beef and topped with Swiss cheese and kimchi.
Munchies Staff
Holy Shit

YG's Video for "Still Brazy" Is an Instant Blassic But You Knew That Already

This video is... very red.
Phil Witmer