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The West Ham Revolution: This Weekend in the Premier League

War on the terraces? Jamie Carragher spitting in someone's face? It’s been a great weekend to be a football fan.


Remembering All The Times The Tories Failed To Understand Football

Over the past few decades, Conservative politicians have intermittently attempted to appropriate football and use it to their own ends. This has led to much embarrassment for everyone, but most of all them.


Ian Wright On Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest and The Other Clubs in His Career

When most people think of Ian Wright’s playing days, they picture him in a vintage Arsenal strip. He remains a cult hero at several other clubs, however, so we spoke to him about his memories of playing elsewhere.


The Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: European Football's Strange and Forgotten Grandfather

The forerunner of the Europa League, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was a three-year slog that teams could only enter if their home city hosted an international trade fair. Nevertheless, it played a key role in developing European club football.


Life at the London Stadium in West Ham Fans’ Own Words

With the twilight of their first season at the London Stadium upon them, West Ham fans are well placed to give a balanced verdict on their new home. What’s more, they certainly don’t want a load of wonk journalists trying to do it for them.


Why Don’t More Footballers Become Referees After Retirement?

While there are a whole host of former pros lining up to criticise refereeing standards on radio and television, very few decide to pick up the whistle themselves.


Too Good To Go Down: The Best Sides Relegated From The English Top Flight

Over the decades, there have been some truly shocking relegations on these shores. Man City, Middlesbrough, Leeds United – these are the sides who were too good to go down.


Capturing The Spirit Of East London With Photographs Of Upton Park

Before West Ham left Upton Park, photographer Freddie Bonfanti decided to document the culture of the club and the area. Here, we look at his pictures of a time gone by.


Why Are Football Clubs Actively Engaging With Transfer Rumours?

In the form of ‘Insider’ columns and ‘Media Watch’, football clubs are embroiling themselves in the swirling maelstrom of transfer gossip. So, what’s in it for them?


Rating Every Premier League Club’s Festive Merchandise In Order Of Christmassiness

With the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord coming up, we have decided to get to the bottom of what Christmas is all about – football clubs selling obscene amounts of merch.


Remembering The Greatest Boxing Day In The History Of English Football

With Boxing Day one of the most important dates in the domestic football calendar, we expect it to produce some serious entertainment. In 1963, expectations were exceeded by an absurd margin.


Pards, Bilic, Bibbledy Bob: Previewing The Premier League Sack Race

In the final Premier League Preview of the week, we take an educated guess at which manager will be next for the chop.