The US Government Is Suing Edward Snowden

Snowden published his memoir, 'Permanent Record', and the US government doesn't want him to make any money off of it.


Julian Assange’s Whistleblowing Doesn’t Make Him Immune to Critique

Yes, he founded Wikileaks and has also flagrantly dodged two sexual assault allegations – both realities can be true at once.


Stop What You're Doing and Read the Comic Advocating for Chelsea Manning

‘Suppressed Images’ documents DNA portraiture of Manning by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.


Talking to Naz Shah: The Labour Candidate Whose Horrific Life Story Went Viral and Who's Taking On Britain's Old Boys Club

The Bradford West candidate is rising to power from a past of abuse, drug deals, murder and poverty. Compared to that, getting doorstepped by the Daily Mail is child's play.


What's the Difference Between a Leaker and a Whistleblower?

The distinction may be the thing that keeps three WikiLeaks employees out of prison.