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Who Are Ya

The Rise of Ultras in Major League Soccer

Football ultras are a European phenomenon, yet they seem to have spread to the more overtly corporate world of Major League Soccer.
Bo Franklin
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London's Left-Wing Utopian Non-League Ultras Are Reclaiming Football

Drinking and chanting on the terraces with the communist super-fans of Dulwich Hamlet FC.
Rob McCallum, Photos: Jake Lewis
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China's Football Fans Are Obsessed with Germany's National Team

I partied with them as Germany beat France in last week's quarter finals.
Jamie Fullerton, Photos: Darcy Holdorf
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Partying in Paris with Algeria's Ecstatic Football Fans

Their victory celebrations were one police baton away from turning into a riot.
Callum Hamilton, Photos: Hugo Denis-Queinec
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I Tried to Bring About World Peace with Iranian and American Football Fans

Could World Cup football and a fear of terror group Isis bring historic enemies together at last?
Oscar Rickett
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Celebrating Arsenal's FA Cup Win in the Streets of North London

It turned this Chelsea fan into a Gooner for the day.
Joe Bish
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Man City Won the League and Their Fans Went Berserk

It's a good excuse to go nuts on a school night.
Ali Gourley, Photos: Chris Bethell
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Liverpool Is Like a City On Ecstasy at the Moment

After 25 years of sadness, Liverpool FC are offering some catharsis.
Clive Martin, Photos: Tom Johnson
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Going Berserk with Drunk Swansea Fans at the South Wales Derby

It was magical.
Clive Martin, Photos: Tom Johnson
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I Went to Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville's Football Restaurant

Cafe Football is like Planet Hollywood for people who prefer Steve Bruce to Bruce Willis.
Clive Martin, Photos: Chloe Orefice
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Partying with Polish Football Fans Outside Wembley

Turns out they're just like English football fans, but more fun.
Jack Blocker, Photos: Jake Lewis
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Searching for English Football's Soul with Non-League Fanatics

Turns out English football's soul was hiding in Aldershot on a wet Tuesday night.
Clive Martin, Photos: Jake Lewis