My Afternoon Eating Dandelions with a Punk 'Wildman' Forager

For the last 35 years, rugged tour guide and author Steve Brill has been bringing people into the woods to show them food they can easily find in the wild to eat or cook.
Laurel Tuohy

Troye Sivan Writes Hit Songs About Boys That Make Girls Scream

The 20 year old's coming out video racked up over six million views. And his melancholy synth-pop? Try quadrupling those plays and then some.
Nick Levine

My Summer of Picturesque Purgatory Working in a National Park

Breathtaking views, friendly foxes, hungry bears, casual sex in communal showers – I saw it all in my months of working at Grand Teton National Park.
Meg Mankins

On Being Alone: The Wild Landscapes of Grouper's 'Ruins'

How Cheryl Strayed's 'Wild' and Grouper's 'Ruins' offer a new narrative of being alone.
Kyle Kramer

The Telluride Film Festival Is Surprisingly Down to Earth

The films were good, and there were fewer douchebags than at Cannes or Sundance.
Michael Nordine

Flashing Disco Glitches Meet Mesoamerican Sun Gods In This Wild Music Video

Strap yourself in for Kokofreakbean's cosmic mind-scorch of a video for EPROM's "Center of the Sun."
Kevin Holmes
The Syria Issue

Gunrunning with the Free Syrian Army

A Syrian colonel asked me to shoot him in the chest while someone filmed it.
Anna Therese Day
The Barking Dog Issue

Irma's World

My grandmother’s name is Irma. She’s 100 years old. She grew up over a German butcher shop in Buffalo, New York, and spent her life traveling the West as a biochemist. I moved in with her in New Mexico last winter. She’s lots of fun.
Patrick Duncan
The Catholic Guilt Issue

Wet N‘ Wild

Photos by David Titlow, Styling by Teddy George-Poku
David Titlow, Stylist: Teddy George-Poku
The Horse's Ass Issue

Giant Cats

The widespread denial of the existence of large cats—like panthers, leopards and lions and tigers—in the Australian bush, strangely defies the number of sightings by locals and budding cryptozoologists.
Langlo West