What ‘13 Reasons Why’ Gets Right About Heroin Addiction

Based on my experience as a former heroin user, and as a journalist covering addiction, the show’s depiction is refreshingly authentic.
Zachary Siegel
High Wire

Just Because You Can't Stop Taking Antidepressants, Doesn't Mean You're Addicted

Users often talk about depending on antidepressants like it's the same thing as being addicted to drugs like coke. Here's why that's wrong.
Maia Szalavitz

Cannabis Withdrawal Is No Joke

If you're using weed for medicinal reasons, it can wreak havoc on your mental or physical health.
David Hillier
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

A Young Woman Recounts Her Fentanyl Addiction and Painful Recovery

The powerful opiate took over A'lisa Ramsey's life – this is how she got it back.
Amil Niazi
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How Canada's Rehab Centres Are Failing Drug Users

Canadians are waiting months to get into government treatment centers, new data shows.
Rachel Browne
so sad today

I Grew as a Person and It Sucks

It was not for moral reasons that I finally quit engaging in casual sex, sexting, and the cultivation of crushes and romantic obsessions. But, for me, the pain of disappointment and chemical withdrawal eventually became so fierce that I had to quit the...
So Sad Today
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How I Got My Life Back After Being Addicted to Fentanyl

One of the characters in VICE's new documentary 'DOPESICK' talks about the realities of getting sober and how losing a friend to the drug inspired her to try and get help for others.
A'lisa Ramsey as Told to Allison Tierney

​Locked Up and Dope Sick: Prisoners Fight for Addiction Treatment

Canadian prisoners are taking their jailers to court to fight for access to methadone other withdrawal drugs.
Garth Mullins

UFC Dublin Fighters Shed More Light on Joe Duffy's Withdrawal

Tom Breese, Paddy Holohan and Norman Parke give insight into Joe Duffy's exit from UFC Dublin.
Peter Carroll

The Withdrawal I Experienced After Quitting Cymbalta Was Worse Than My Depression

I was prescribed Cymbalta at age 17. Years later, when I tried to get off the drug, the withdrawal I experienced was excruciating.
James Evans

What It's Like to Grow Up with an Alcoholic Mum

It's an embarrassing, never-ending story that makes me feel like a cliché.
Marianna Luisa Bukowska

Valium Can Be Harder to Withdraw from Than Heroin

Sadly, I only found out once I'd become addicted – at 26.
Felicity Jones