Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Might Have Taken Girls as Young as 11 to His Private Island Last Year

An air traffic controller witnessed Epstein travelling with pre-teen girls.
Emma Ockerman
Jeffrey Epstein

'He Knows What He's Done': Epstein Accuser Says Prince Andrew Abused Her

Alleged Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre has repeatedly claimed Prince Andrew assaulted her in London and New York and on Epstein's private island.
Emma Ockerman
Jeffrey Epstein

'I'm Just Angry He's Not Alive': Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Are Enraged They Can't Face Him in Court

"I was nothing. I was his slave."
Carter Sherman
Emma Ockerman

When the Conflict Zone You're Reporting on Is Home

We spoke to Zahra Hankir – editor of "Our Women on the Ground," a new collection of essays by Arab women reporters – about why no one else can report on the region like Arab women can.
Leila Ettachfini
VICE Does 'Love Island'

Friendship Is the Real Winner of 'Love Island' 2019

Michael... is not.
Lauren O'Neill
Women's Healthcare

We’re Finally Starting to Take Women’s Hormones Seriously

A new wave of books about women's bodies looks set to turn 'that time of the month' from a punchline to properly understood reality.
Hannah Ewens

The Problem With 'Porn for Women'

The soft porn experience of sites like Bellesa, ForHerTube and 'popular with women' categories generalise too much about what women want.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

Let's Hope the 'Killing Eve' BAFTA Wins Lead to More Diversity On TV

The hit BBC America series proves that TV by women is on the rise – now other marginalised groups must feel the benefit too.
Lauren O'Neill

Smoking Weed Before Sex Can Lead to Better Orgasms for Women, Study Finds

Sex while high can help overall sexual satisfaction, desire, orgasm, and improve pain during sex.
Dhvani Solani

Just a Few of the Lies Women Have Been Sold

From: you read too much into everything, to: you're definitely getting abducted at some point.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Hannah Ewens
Daisy Jones
International Women's Day 2019

How Pakistani Women are Using IWD to Push for Peace with India

With International Women's Day falling amid threats of war, anti-violence themes have become a prominent part of equality demonstrations.
Sabrina Toppa

Instagram Is a New Frontier In Women's Life Writing

You could say that the fastest growing social media network is the logical conclusion of everything from 16th-century letters to DIY zines.
Freya Marshall Payne