wushu watch

    • 6.22.17

      Wushu Watch: Neckbeards and Nunchucks

      We examine the fascination with archaic weaponry, from the desire to tie everything up with nunchucks to the practice of anime swordsmanship.

    • 3.13.17

      Wushu Watch: Advanced Ways to Get Stabbed to Death

      Thousands of martial arts schools promise 'self defence' and then delve into the art of disarming a knife-wielding attacker. We look at some high level, and extremely stupid, ways to wrestle a knife from your attacker's clutches.

    • 9.26.16

      Why Aren't People Getting Thrown Around By The Wrist in MMA?

      Kotegaeshi is one of the staple throws of Aikido and the wrist attack appears in traditional martial arts systems around the globe. While many consider it worthless, we examine the principles and feasibility of the technique in mixed martial arts.

    • 4.11.16

      Wushu Watch: Disarming an Unresisting Gunman

      From their beginning martial arts have been concerned with defending against armed attackers. Thousands of years of training and experimenting later, the solutions are just as laughably outlandish.

    • 1.22.16

      Wushu Watch: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wing Chun

      While Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling dominated the early no-holds-barred events, one man was working to bring honor back to the school of Wing Chun. We look at the anti-grappling fighting system that man developed.

    • 1.18.16

      Wushu Watch: Five-on-Five MMA and the Yamma Pit

      There have been a hundred gimmick attempts to make MMA better and a grand total of zero have worked out. We take a look at some of the dumbest ways promoters tried to fix what wasn't broken.

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    • 12.8.15

      Wushu Watch: Lessons to Learn from Aikido

      Aikido is the punchline of every joke in MMA but maybe there's something more to it. We examine the flaws and principles of the Japanese martial art.