The Real Women of 'GLOW' Told Us About the Sexism They Dealt with in the 80s

Season two of 'GLOW' on Netflix tackles the issues the real 'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling' battled beyond the ring.
Sean Neumann
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WWE's Kane Might Actually Be the Next Mayor of a Tennessee County

He just won the Republican primary in Knox County's mayoral election, and he's set to chokeslam his Democratic opponent into oblivion.
Drew Schwartz

How The ‘Montreal Screwjob’ Changed The Wrestling Industry Forever

On the 20th anniversary of Bret Hart’s infamous loss and subsequent punchout of his boss, we talked to wrestling insiders about what really happened.
Corey Erdman

What Do Drag and Wrestling Have in Common? More Than You Think

How the Nobodies, a Brooklyn-based group who report on the world of wrestling from a queer lens, encapsulate the surprising overlap between two very different realms.
Camila Martinez-Granata
Inside Outsider

Australia's Community Wrestling Scene Is Proof the World Is Beautiful

There's poetry in watching Lucha Libre-masked dudes pretend to destroy each other in a Melbourne warehouse.
Mahmood Fazal

What It’s Like Being a Professional Female Wrestler

It hurts.
Tiffy Thompson

Theory: Wayne Rooney Should Have Always Been a Professional Wrestler

Wayne Rooney is a man born in the wrong body. His WWE Raw slap is a vision of his destiny.
Joel Golby
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The VICE Gaming Verdict On ‘WWE 2K16’

It's better than 'WWE 2K15', which is something – but what does a passionate wrestling fan make of the latest video game version of sports entertainment's biggest franchise?
Ian Dransfield
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‘WWE 2K16’ Slams its Predecessor, But Is This Wrestling Game Perfection?

With last year's game failing to satisfy wrestling fans, '2K16' has to pull out every signature move in the book to make amends.
Mike Diver
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Jon Stewart Left 'The Daily Show' to Become a Pro-Wrestling Heel, Apparently

He hit John Cena with a folding chair, so Cena body-slammed the former late night host as payback.
Scott Masters Pierce
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Hell Yeah: These Are the Best Goddam Wrestling Games Ever

From SmackDown! to something entirely more wild, here's the best of the games based on those men and women who like to cuddle each other aggressively.
Dr. John F. Robertson
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Loads of Real-Life Sports Are Much Better When They’re Video Games

There's no denying it: take controllers and immediate access to crisps out of the equation and a bunch of these things are dull as fuck.
Ian Dransfield