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From Halfpipes to Family Life: In Conversation With Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise

David Wise won gold for the U.S. at the 2014 Winter Olympics and quickly became a household name. We caught up with him in Italy to discuss life on the slopes and appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Nathan Copelin

Female Skateboarders Are Still Striving For Even Footing With Their Male Peers

The number of female skateboarders has grown in recent years. But pro female skaters still see inequalities in pay and sponsorship opportunities in comparison to their male counterparts.
Trina Calderón
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How the Winter X Games Course is Made

We spoke with Chris Gunnarson, the President at Snow Park Technologies, whose work includes crafting the course for the Winter X Games.
Nathan Copelin
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"You Can't Not Live" – Travis Pastrana Talks Danger and Domesticity

We spoke to X Games legend Travis Pastrana about his Nitro Circus Live tour, balancing safety with spectacle, and life as a family man.
Nathan Copelin
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Remembering Dave Mirra

The BMX icon’s apparent suicide, at the age of 41, has shocked the action sports community and “leaves a huge hole in the heart of BMX.”
Aaron Nardi
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The Long Fight for Women’s Parity in Action Sports

From surfing to cycling to skateboarding, women make less money and have fewer opportunities than men. Athletes and organizations are working for change, but barriers remain.
Mary Catherine O'Connor

Do the X Games Still Matter?

With more avenues than ever for athletes to make money and secure sponsorships, it’s no surprise that the X Games has turned to Metallica to attract new viewers this summer.
Mike Rogge