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Celebrating Ten Years of ‘F.E.A.R.’, the Scariest Office Simulator Ever Made

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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is a great game, but only if you play it on its own terms. It's a serious break from the way previous Final Fantasy games have played, which can be shocking or disappointing if you want a familiar experience.


Dante’s Inferno

Dante's Inferno is a good game only if you don't want much out of your video games.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is an excellent game. It is also a giant middle finger to the Silent Hill fan base, which is awesome, and I say that as a member of said fan base.


Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3 really is quite good, in a lot of clever ways. Once again I am reminded that I like a good racing game, even though I hardly ever play them.


Dead Space

Dead Space is a third-person over-the-shoulder shooter set on the planet-cracking mining starship Ishimura, full of monsters made from the fused and repurposed dead flesh of its former crew. You play Isaac Clark, an engineer on the ship sent to...