It's Sinkane's Life and He's Livin' It

Sinkane's Ahmed Gallab talks to Noisey about his new album, and making music for the current political climate: "If we don't have hope we're just gonna wallow in our own filth."
Will Schube

Yeasayer's Cryptic Album Cover, Explained in One Video [Premiere]

What do Donald Trump's disembodied head, a naked javelin thrower, and crystal mannequins have in common?
Beckett Mufson

Amen and Hello: Yeasayer Return from the Wilderness

It's been four years since their last LP, but now Yeasayer are back with 'Amen & Goodbye' and a newfound respect for goats.
Cam Lindsay

Yeasayer Puts the Art in "Art Rock" with David Altmejd

Yeasayer is dropping its first album in five years, so we chatted with Chris Keating about building the album around fine art.
Beckett Mufson

Creators Remix Roundup: Passion Pit, Emily Kai Bock, Diplo, And Yeasayer

<p>Viceroy ramps up Passion Pit, Owlle starts a multi-cultural dance craze, Diplo produces a slick new R&amp;B track, and Yeasayer heralds the &#8220;return of the Mac.&#8221;</p>
Jennifer Mills
The Creators Project

Yeasayer + Casey Reas

When Yeasayer approached us about helping them create an immersive experience for their new live show, we enlisted software art pioneer Casey Reas to do something he’s never done before: conceive stage design and visuals. Here's what he came up with.
The Creators Project

Yeasayer, Casey Reas, And Aranda\Lasch Create A Generative Tour Environment

<p>This immersive visual environment becomes another live component in the band&#8217;s performance.</p>
Kevin Holmes
Yeasayer + Casey Reas

Yeasayer + Casey Reas + Aranda\Lasch: Fragrant World Tour 2012

When <a href="" target=_blank">Yeasayer</a> approached us to help them create an immersive, artistic experience of light and color for their new live show, we enlisted the help of software art pioneer <a href="http...
The Creators Project
Yeasayer + Casey Reas

First Look: Yeasayer's Prismatic New Tour Environment Designed By Casey Reas

<p>Crystalline sculptures, beacons of light, psychedelic projections and more combine to make Yeasayer&#8217;s live show a feast for the senses.</p>
Julia Kaganskiy
Yeasayer + Casey Reas

Yoshi Sodeoka's Music Video For Yeasayer's "Henrietta" Is A Feverish Jungle Dream [Q&A]

<p>Video artist Yoshi Sodeoka reveals the creative process behind the video he made for Yeasayer&#8217;s new track, and hints at upcoming collaboration.</p>
Christina Lee