You Need to Hear This


RIP William Onyeabor, Who Remained a Mystery Until the End

The electro-funk pioneer and record label boss has died, aged 70, leaving a legacy steeped in secrecy.


One of the New York Times Classical Albums Of The Year Was Produced By A Robot

Listen to the record created by two human minds, and one very artifical one.


Meet the Musical Clairvoyant Who Finds Ghosts In Your MP3s

This sound technician makes music from the bits cut out during compression, and it's mad spooky.


What Are People in Soho Listening to Right Now?

We used Philips new app to eavesdrop on the musical taste of W1.


Premiere: Alex Burey - "Unspoken"

Man, live performances in churches are rad!


We Spoke to Fred from Spector about the Small Glimmers of Hope That Could Save Our Disenchanted Generation

"Everyone has become a little politician when it comes to their own opinions."


Sleeve Notes: Petite Meller

Petite Meller exploded with carefree inhibition back in January. Now she's made us a mix that goes from Shamir to Serge Gainsbourg.


Premiere: Courts - "Part Of"

Is it summer yet?


Jonathan Katz Makes a Living from Writing Songs about Your Girlfriend

He’s basically a one-man musical Hallmark.


A Eulogy for White Heat, the Clubnight That Changed my Life

In November the legendary Soho nightclub Madame JoJos was forced to close after violent altercation outside its doors. Fred Macpherson remembers its glory years.


Premiere: The New Drenge Song is a Grungy Punch to the Gut

"Never Awake" is the sound of being ignored for too long.


This Website Lets You Recreate J Dilla, Kanye West and 9th Wonder Classics with Your Keyboard

The latest fun creation from the guy that brought you last summer's rap vocabulary analysis.