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You Can't Police Away Knife Crime

We spoke to campaigners and a knife crime victim about what needs to be done to tackle the "epidemic" of youth street violence.


We Asked Young People Why They’re Into Botox

“The younger generation understands what you see online is not real. But they’re more willing to look not-real because that’s what they’ve grown up with.”


The Millennials Who Pay for Their Parents' Living Expenses

We talked to young people about financial independence and supporting their families.


Young People Tell Us Why They’re Having Less Sex

Medications, anxiety, STIs, high standards and all the other reasons younger generations aren’t boning.


Young Brazilians Share Their Fears About a Bolsonaro Presidency

"I want a country where black people and LGBTQ individuals can walk freely. As a woman, I want to walk around without being afraid I'll get raped."


It's Capitalism's Fault That Young People Prefer Socialism

Also to blame: Democrats and liberals.


A Very High Percentage of Young People Aren't Sure the World Is Round

Which is pretty sad when contemplating the future of the planet, whatever ​shape you think its is.


The Results of the Biggest UK Survey On Teen Xanax Use

Over a third of young people told VICE they have friends who take Xanax.


People in Their Twenties Nominate the Worst Landlords in Britain

"You could smell the thick, eggy stench of fresh sewage from halfway up the street."


Millennials May Cheat on Their Partners Because They Are Freaking Out About Life

A new study explores how infidelity can be a means through which young adults try to navigate their own development—but also finds that this isn't always the case.


What It’s Like to Be a Young Person in the Oldest Town in the UK

In Leave-voting Eastbourne, the average age is 71 and teenagers are nowhere to be found.


How Do Teenage Stormzy Fans Feel About the Election?

"People are too busy doing fun shit, they ain't got time to pay attention to David Morrison or whatever he is called."