Some Genius in LA Is Selling Weed Pizzas

So we tested one out.
Josh Androsky and Cornell Reid

Lee Tiernan

Eating blood cakes and Brick Lane bagels with the head chef of St. John Bread & Wine, in London.
VICE Staff

Behold: Justin Timberlake Through the Years

Timbers has a new record out, which got us thinking about all the music he's made and all the tragic, ill-fitting leather, wraparound shades, and ramen hair he's worn over the years.
girl eats food

Filipino Blood Stew

Let's make really scary ingredients, really tasty.
VICE Staff
girl eats food

Drunken Jerk Chicken Patti

A portable and pre-cooked carnival patty you'll be happy to dance with.
Joanna Fuertes Knight

The Night the Free Syrian Army Made Me Dinner

I don't care if you slit people's throats, I'm a vegetarian and I'm not eating that chicken.
Ruth Michaelson
The Food Issue

Fuck Food

When I was in junior high, I stuck a hot dog up my vagina. It broke in half while it was up there.
Kiki Mooler
The Food Issue


Eating a human placenta is harder than you might imagine. First off, they are difficult to trap. Growing up in the hippie mecca of Austin, Texas, one heard about earth-mother types planting their infants' placentas under trees and even grinding them up...
Trace Crutchfield
The Food Issue

Eating an Entire Cow

Ever notice how people always talk about Indians using every part of the buffalo like it’s some mark of their harmonious relationship with the earth and not just a symptom of their culture constantly being on the brink of starvation?
Darren Gold
The Food Issue

Vice Fashion - Food Dudes

Photos by Giovanni Di Mola, Styling by Jim Krewson
Jim Krewson
The Food Issue

Keep It Simple

It would be nice to know how to whip up braised short ribs with almondine rémoulade and country greens strained through champagne and drizzled with truffle oil, or something like that. But look deep inside yourself. Is that really tastier than a BLT?
VICE Staff
The Food Issue

Eat Shit

Stop the presses. “This just in: Weird shit eaten in Asia!” an editor cried, reacting to more coverage of fried-tarantula consumption coming over the wires.
Boo Calhoun