Ziggy Stardust

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All The People Who'll Go Visit David Bowie's Blue Plaque in Soho

Your dad, your stepdad, and a load of 20-year-olds in horrible flares.
Lauren O'Neill

The Real-Life Legendary Stardust Cowboy Who Inspired David Bowie

Nearly 50 years ago, Bowie's Ziggy Stardust was inspired by a wonderful musician in Texas who sometimes (still) gets naked on stage.
Jeff Gage
Behind The Lens

From Bowie to Cocaine, Mick Rock Has Photographed All Your Faves

We talked to the iconic photographer about the upcoming VICE Films-produced doc on his career spent shooting music's greatest legends.
Alex Robert Ross

The Last David Bowie Left on Earth

A year after Ziggy Stardust ascended, we track down the David Bowie impersonator who is still dedicating his life to the Thin White Duke.
Annalies Winny
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David Bowie Drummer Woody Woodmansey Breaks Down His New Memoir 'Spider From Mars'

We talked to Woodmansey about his new book and what it was like to rock with Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era.
Seth M. Ferranti
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Stewart Lee Listened to 'Ziggy Stardust...' for the First Time, Reviewed It, and Hated It

“It makes me feel physically sick throughout and I’ve not enjoyed living with it.”
Joe Zadeh
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Investigating the Conspiracy Theory That David Bowie Foretold the Rise of Rock's Saviour: Kanye West

Real recognise real.
Ryan Bassil

‘Ziggy Stardust’ Photographer Mick Rock Reflects on the Legacy of David Bowie

We spoke to the iconic photographer and music-video pioneer about his relationship with David Bowie, his legendary subject and friend of over 40 years.
James Yeh

We Asked Five Killer Illustrators to Reimagine Their Favourite David Bowie Album Artwork

From an anime style painting of Diamond Dogs to a modern day version of Ziggy Stardust.
Noisey Staff

Where Would We Be Without David Bowie?

Without him, there'd be no punk, no Kanye West, no U2, and no you.
Zachary Lipez

Fuck School, David Bowie Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know About Identity, Acceptance, and Art

He didn't just scratch the surface; he excavated it, renovated it, and tore it down, just so he could start all over again.

"I Could Thank God. Yeah. But Which One?": A Conversation with David Bowie from 2003

Originally published as the cover story of The Word magazine in 2003, Paul Du Noyer met the legendary artist in the boroughs of New York to talk through decades of Bowie fandom.