Maya B's "Dollar to a Diamond" Is Motivation for Better Days

The California artist’s visual for “Dollar to a Diamond” proves you can’t put a dollar amount on self-worth.
Kristin Corry
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'Foul Play' Is the True Crime Magazine Made By Women

The zine seeks to satiate our fascination with real life murders without resorting to sensationalism.
Amelia Abraham
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The Blood, Carnage and Dildos of 'Loose' Zine

The art and photography zine's second issue is being released this week, and the creators sent us a preview of what to expect.
VICE Staff

The Woman Who Built Trump Tower Doesn't Even Like Trump

The photographer Res documents their mother's employment and eventual activism against the Trump Organisation.
Elizabeth Renstrom
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Beer Dicks, Pearly Butts and Eazy-E – A Chat with 'Loose' Zine

We spoke to the three-man team behind our new favourite zine.
Jamie Clifton
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'So Young': The Magazine Picking Up Where the NME Left Off

As one dinosaur crumbles, a small newcomer takes the reins of documenting Britain’s guitar music scene.
Ryan Bassil
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'Black Fly' Is the Foremost Sex Zine for People of Colour

When Brits think of sex ed, the unique experiences of PoC aren't really considered – this corrects that.
Salma Haidrani
Holy Shit

Chuck Berry's Reviews of Old Punk Records Are Wonderful

A rediscovered 1980 interview from 'Jet Lag' has the rock 'n' roll icon taking on The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and The Ramones.
Alex Robert Ross

How Japanese Culture is Influencing Skateboarding

Photographer Cole Giordano and skateboarder Takahiro Morita offer a cherry blossom-filled take on the Sakura tradition.
Anthony Pappalardo
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'British Values' Is a New Way of Dealing with British Racism

Kieran Yates' zine has stories like "Snog, Marry, Deport", and has featured contributors from Rude Kid to Riz Ahmed.
Tom Usher
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'Sabat' Is the Magazine For the Modern Witch

"Witchcraft is very much about finding this energy within yourself and using it in some kind of way that's constructive for your own life."
Salma Haidrani

It's a ZINE TORNADO! | Insta of the Week

This New York Art Book Fair attraction will literally drown you in zines.
Beckett Mufson