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Your Star Sign Apparently Affects What Kind of Porn You Like

There's a zodiac filter on YouPorn now, which matches you to porn stars based on your birthday, so we gave it a go.
Daisy Jones

We've Hit Peak Astrology

The celestial phenomenon isn't just experiencing a boom, it's become something else entirely, with its own rules and humour.
Daisy Jones
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All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Sagittarius Season

Between the 21st of November and the 21st of December, everybody around you is going to do whatever the fuck they want.
Daisy Jones
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All the Shit That's About To Go Down During Scorpio Season

It's literally named after an eight-legged carnivorous arthropod who has a deadly weapon attached to its body – take from that what you will.
Daisy Jones

Get Your Dumpling Horoscope by Consulting the Dim Sum Zodiac

Artist Everest Strayer-Wong's fantastical illustrations of food and drink feel right out of a Studio Ghibli film.
Kat Thompson
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All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Libra Season

There’s a reason Libra season happens right before cuffing season, baby.
Daisy Jones
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All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Virgo Season

It’s time to clean up the mess you made over the last few chaotic weeks.
Daisy Jones
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The Golden State Killer Case Shows a 'Path' to Finally Catch the Zodiac

A prominent Zodiac sleuth told us about new evidence he said he's seen exclusively and how he thinks cops should move ahead from here.
Dave Minsky

A Surreal Year of the Monkey | Monday Insta Illustrator

Kouzou Sakai's art is as clean as 2016's fresh start.
Beckett Mufson

How Chinese Women Get Around the One-Child Policy and Save Money by Giving Birth in the US

Despite a recent crackdown on "birth tourism" centres in California, there are plenty of reasons for pregnant Chinese women to want to give birth on US soil.
Jennifer Thomé

Your Horoscope Is Horrifying Thanks to These Illustrated Zodiac Nightmares

If these creature concepts by Damon Hellandbrand are any indication, the future looks grim.
Johannes Hausen

Explore The Subtleties Of David Fincher's Direction In This Cinematic Breakdown

Whether or not you're a fan of David Fincher, any artist can learn a lot from Tony Zhou's breakdown of the 'Gone Girl' director's filmmaking genius.
Beckett Mufson