ZX Spectrum


Unchecked Video Gaming Nostalgia Is a Frightful Disease and Must Be Stopped

The Vega+ and Commodore PET Phone show us that some gaming memories should be left in the past.
Ian Dransfield

How the ZX Spectrum Helped the 1980s Become Video Gaming’s Most Creative Decade

In this excerpt from the new book Electronic Dreams, we learn how the Speccy changed the video gaming landscape forever.
Tom Lean

A Brief History of Ghostbusters and Video Games

With 'Lego Dimensions' getting a spooky level pack and Activision maybe making a new game, let's get retrospective.
Mike Diver

1980s Gamers Rejoice, the Classic ZX Spectrum Is Back

After some successful crowdfunding, England's rebooted answer to the Commodore 64 will be available to own very soon.
Kevin Holmes
VICE vs Video games

How the Games of ‘Rare Replay’ Laid the Groundwork For Some of Today’s Biggest Titles

A bunch of old-school games has gone to number one in the UK, and here are just some of the reasons why.
Chris Scullion
VICE vs Video games

How 'Your Sinclair' Magazine Changed Video Games Journalism Forever

The ZX Spectrum's a relic, tech trash by yesterday's standards - but the legacy of its leading magazine is immeasurable.
Ben Hopkins
VICE vs Video games

How Ocean Software Finally Made Movie-Licence Video Games Worth Playing

For years, games based on films were shit. But then came quite the sea change.
Ewen Hosie
VICE vs Video games

I Am Quite OK With Video Games That Play Themselves

Dreeps is a new iOS game that plays itself, which leads one to think: wouldn't it be wonderful if other, grind-heavy games could do this, too?
Mike Diver