'Godfall' Becomes the First Game Formally Announced for PlayStation 5

Gearbox’s new fantasy loot-shooter (they're calling it a "looter-slasher") will launch on the PS5 and PC in 2020.

by Matthew Gault
Dec 13 2019, 2:26am

Image courtesy of Counterplay Games

We got our first look at a PlayStation 5 game tonight during The Game Awards. It’s called Godfall, and it's a Destiny 2-looking loot shooter developed by Counterplay Games. The trailer is light on details, but we know that Godfall will be a third-person action RPG with loot, dungeons, and three-player coop.

Godfall and the PlayStation 5 both launch during the "holidays" in 2020.

Details about the new system are scarce, but we do know it’ll use a solid state hard drive to cut down on loading times and resolutions up to 8K. The controller will use haptic feedback, similar to an iPhone, instead of rumble, and feature L2 and R2 trigger buttons with programmable resistance, which Sony has said can simulate the pull of a bow string or the squeeze of a trigger.

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