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Clinton the favorite as voting begins, CIA identifies psychologists behind torture program, Samsung offices raided in South Korean corruption investigation, and more.

by VICE Staff
Nov 8 2016, 2:30pm

Photo via TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Clinton Holds Poll Lead as Voting Begins
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a 70 percent chance of winning the election and becoming president, according to the latest models by forecasters at FiveThirtyEight. (The latest New York Times forecast pegged her chances at 84 percent.) Several of the final national polls give Clinton a small but steady lead over Donald Trump, including a Fox News poll that shows her leading 48 to 44 percent.—FiveThirtyEight

NYPD Heightens Security for Election Day
The New York Police Department is putting around 5,000 officers on the streets today, way more than usual for Election Day. Security has been ramped up in part because both candidates are expected to spend election night in New York City, which is unusual. Officials said there were no credible or specific threats from ISIS.—ABC News

Group Honoring FBI Director Has Board Members Tied to Trump
FBI director James Comey was feted with a lifetime achievement award from the Federal Drug Agents Foundation on Monday, a group with board members that have personal connections to Donald Trump. The award was issued after Comey became a national punching bag for his role in the Clinton email saga.—AP

CIA Identifies Psychologists Behind Torture Program
The CIA has revealed the names of two Air Force psychologists credited as the architects of its post-9/11 torture program. Dr. Bruce Jessen and Dr. James Mitchell were identified in a 2005 report examining the death of Afghan militant Gul Rahman, according to documents obtained by VICE News in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.—VICE News

International News

Russia Bans US Election Monitors
The Russian Foreign Ministry has informed US authorities that diplomats from Washington won't be permitted to monitor Russian elections in the future. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the decision was a reaction to interference with Russian efforts to monitor the US presidential election.—Reuters

More Than 7,000 Killed in Yemeni Civil War, Says WHO
At least 7,070 people have been killed and 36,818 wounded in Yemen's civil war since it began almost two years ago, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Concerned about a "critical shortage" of doctors, the WHO also warned that more than half of medical facilities in Yemen were only partially functioning or had shut down entirely.—Al Jazeera

Samsung Offices Raided in Corruption Investigation
South Korean prosecutors investigating the political scandal engulfing President Park Geun-hye raided the offices of technology giant Samsung. Investigators were said to be examining allegations that Samsung helped fund equestrian training for the daughter of Choi Soon-sil, Park's confidante. —BBC News

British Banker Found Guilty of Hong Kong Murders
A Hong Kong jury has found British banker Rurik Jutting guilty of murdering two Indonesian women. The bodies of Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, were found mutilated in his apartment in November 2014. Jutting faces multiple mandatory life sentences (to be served concurrently) in Hong Kong.—CNN

Everything Else

Chance the Rapper Takes Fans to Polls
After finishing his show in Grant Park in Chicago on Monday night, Chance the Rapper marched with hundreds of people to the polls for early voting. The "Parade to the Polls" event was aimed at millennial voters, though Illinois is virtually certain to go for Hillary Clinton.—ABC News

US Astronaut Votes in Space
Astronaut Shane Kimbrough has cast his ballot from the International Space Station, 250 miles above Earth. According to NASA, Kimbrough voted via a "secure electronic ballot," a procedure established for astronauts back in 1997.—New York Magazine

Live Snake Terrorizes Passengers Aboard an AeroMexico Flight
Passengers on an AeroMexico flight lost their cool when a snake was spotted hanging from an overhead luggage compartment this weekend. The plane was given priority landing in Mexico City before animal control workers took the serpent away.—The Guardian

Online Gamblers Go All In on Clinton Win
More bets were placed in favor of a Hillary Clinton victory in the past 24 hours than in all of October at the British betting site Sporting Index. "Almost no one has been backing Trump in the last 24 hours," said a company spokesman.—Motherboard

Foreign Greens Think US Greens Should Ditch Jill Stein
International Green politicians think the US Green Party could have more success with a different leader. Balthasar Glättli, a Green Party member of the Swiss National Council, said some of presidential candidate Jill Stein's views are "delusional."—VICE

Real-Time Turnout Results Available Throughout Election Day
VICE News is providing live updates on which voter groups are turning out, and how things stand in the key swing states, thanks to a partnership with data firm VoteCastr and Slate. "We are the guys doing the play by play," said VoteCastr's Ken Strasma.—VICE News

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