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Not Feeling Solemn Enough Today? Watch Some of the Fan-Made Videos for Radiohead’s “Daydreaming”

As the band begin releasing the shortlist of competition entries, we picked out some of our own favourites.

by Issy Beech
Sep 6 2016, 4:00pm

Image by Camille Horstmann

Back in July, Radiohead launched a competition inviting fans around the world to record their own, Instagram-hosted fan videos (or, in Radiohead speak, "vignettes") for the second single from A Moon Shaped Pool, "Daydreaming."

The official music video for the track, beautifully directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, had gathered its own following and fanbase, but the band put it to filmmakers and basically anybody with a phone to put their own hand to a fifteen second clip of the song.

While the competition closed in late July, Radiohead have just started releasing the shortlist on their Instagram.

As the best of the best roll in over the next few days, we thought we'd pick out some of our favourite entries. Expect many autumn leaves, out of focus lights, and slow motion shots. But hey, it's Radiohead.


@lelungdharma Lelung Rinpoche is travelling all around the world to help bring about peace in this world #peace #worldpeace #shidepeace #worldpeacecentre #mongolia #gandan #avalokitesvara #rhvignette ✌️

A video posted by Jon Kwan (@jonlekwan) on


My #rhvignette for Daydreaming

A video posted by Sit Down, Stand Up (@hubihabibiii) on


@radiohead My submission for the Radiohead vignette competition. #rhvignette

A video posted by Will Roberts (@willroberts5944) on



A video posted by Tyler Brown (@mrtylerbrown) on


Great project. Great music. Thank you @radiohead for the inspiration. #rhvignette Camera: Todd Wardrope Dance: Camille Horstmann Special Thanks: Brita Bengtson, MTN Studios

A video posted by Camille (@camille_horstmann) on



A video posted by Dax norman (@daxnorman_art) on


My submission for #rhvignette Daydreaming in the DPRK @radiohead

A video posted by Jen Morgan (@moarmoremoar) on


Radiohead vignette. Director: Thomas Burns. Editor: @ckovalev #rhvignette

A video posted by Thomas Burns (@thomasburns_dop) on


My July project & submission to #rhvignette

A video posted by Guy Phenix (@guyphenix) on


For you Thom #rhvignette

A video posted by Andrew Patterson (@andrewgpatterson) on


My submission for Radiohead's vignette competition. #rhvignette

A video posted by Brent Lambert-Zaffino (@brentlzfilms) on



A video posted by Gustavo de la Torre Casal (@lobo_gris_) on


#rhvignette Daydreaming

A video posted by Brendan Lyle (@brendanlyle) on

To watch more, search the competition hashtag "#rhvignettes" on Instagram.

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