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VICE Exclusive: The One and Only PPL MVR Are Freaky Gorillas Who Like Autotune

I don't really get why this band exists, but I am glad they do.

by Charlie Ambler
May 14 2015, 2:06pm

The main thing about "the one and only PPL MVR" (that's their name) is that they dress up in freaky, primitive humanoid outfits. The Hollywood-based band either has really good PR people or they just enjoy engaging in every form of shameless fame-generating behavior that exists in 2015. They ask people to post pictures of themselves sitting on a bench with a PPL MVR advertisement on it and to hashtag the pictures "#SitOnPPLMVR." They have a very sleek website. They fire sizzling eye lasers at their audiences. They're going places.

Now, the band has a video for their song "Let's Take This Outside." It involves a lot of autotune, indulgent pancake breakfasts, and drumsticks made of large bones. I don't really get why this band exists, but I am so glad they do. Welcome to 2015—we're all just here for the spectacle.

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