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Lil B Shouts Out Martin Shkreli, We All Die a Little Inside

"Wasup legend I respect ur love for art and music we talk more soon"

by Phil Witmer
Nov 28 2016, 7:57pm

Lil B once made a tape called Red Flame that was so good, he made two more versions of it called Evil Red Flame and Red Flame: Devil Music Edition. Given these titles, we know there is darkness within Lil B and possibly the BasedGod, but it still makes his endorsement of living cartoon gremlin Martin Shkreli a sad event.

B has been tweeting over the past few days how Kanye West's health troubles have inspired the release of Lil B's long-awaited Black Ken mixtape. Shkreli, a man who seemingly inserts himself into any and all things he can get attention from, replied with his own interest in the project. Lil B, a kind-hearted soul who's normally much savvier, replied with this:

It's a stain on the BasedGod's good name. Whether or not he's aware of Shkreli's abhorrences and just knows him as an online figure vaguely involved in the rap world is unclear, but to see a genuinely inspirational person give props to someone on the extreme opposite end of inspirational is disheartening. 2016, man.

Phil has never experienced a test of faith on this scale before. He's on Twitter.