You Can Build Your Dream Home in No Man's Sky

The Foundation Update offers new modes of play, including base-building.

by Danielle Riendeau
Nov 27 2016, 8:55pm

No Man's Sky caused quite the kerfuffle back when it arrived in July. Maybe you found it overhyped, maybe you thought it was falsely advertised, maybe you were totally into its blend of weirdo exploration and loneliness simulation

No matter your opinion, the game just launched a free update—called the "Foundation Update"—today.

According to Hello Games' promotional video, there's a new survival mode, which promises to "test travelers' endurance to their limits." There are reported improvements to the inventory system, with stackable objects, and terrain algorithm changes that are supposed to make for more interesting-looking planets.

But biggest of all, for my money, is the new base-building mechanic. You can claim a home planet and build the weirdly-appointed space base of your dreams, complete with your own indoor garden for crops.

I don't think the game will ever be exactly what I wanted it to be (which is to say, a completely off-the-rails Pokemon Snap-alike, where players compete to take the weirdest critter photos), but this is a start in the right direction for those who found No Man's Sky a little too sterile, or lonely, or devoid of a cozy home in a giant universe.