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Um, Here’s a New Kevin Hart Mixtape Featuring Migos, T.I., Lil Yachty, and 2 Chainz

It’s a companion piece to the actor and comedian’s new movie, ‘What Now?' and it features maybe the best Lil Yachty track.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 14 2016, 5:51pm

Did you know that Kevin Hart raps? Did you know that he does so under his alter ego, Chocolate Droppa? Now you do. Kevin "Chocolate Droppa" Hart just dropped a new mixtape to go with his new movie, Kevin Hart: What Now? and it features Migos, T.I., 2 Chainz, Akon, Nick gosh darned Jonas, and Lil Yachty.

Hart's been working as this alter ego for a while. Here, for example, is a video of him dissing Drake, Future, Jay-Z, and 2 Chainz just for kicks.

And here he is battling T-Pain.

But now he's got a full mixtape full of actually very legit features. So, um, go listen to the new Kevin Hart mixtape below. Standouts, on first listen, are the Big Sean and 2 Chainz-featuring "Light It Up" and BJ The Chicago Kid's verse on the title track. And "All Day" is maybe the best Lil Yachty song. I don't know. This is a lot to take in right now.

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