Sex Dolls and Period Blood Paintings Deflate the Donald

Say what you will about the Donald Trump, he's providing some good inspiration.

by Anya Tchoupakov
Dec 10 2015, 8:50pm


In large part due to his sexist, racist, and ableist remarks and actions, and in other part due to the infinitely re-watchable look on his face when he gets attacked by a bald eagle, it's hard to deny Donald Trump's consistent headlines. His behavior has been met with consternation and disgust by, well, the global community, but many artists have found that an angry Facebook post doesn't quite cut it enough to truly vent their frustrations.

Artists have long taken to their pens to contribute to political discourse. Iconic political cartoonist Thomas Nast (who actually popularized the Republican elephant and Democrat donkey) was so sharp in his prolific cartoons that he even swayed the public vote. Although the cases below might not have so much stake (Trump supporters are pretty dead-set), they're keeping Trump’s unseemly visage in the public eye, a far better effort than silence.

1. Whatever, Sarah Levy

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After hearing one too many sexist comments from Donald Trump, artist Sarah Levy decided to put him in his place by painting a portrait of the presidential hopeful with her own menstrual blood. “I think there’s a way to use art, especially if it’s a little humorous,” she wrote on, “to begin to deflate Trump’s arrogance and give back confidence to all the people who might be a tad terrified at the prospect of a racist doofus like him running the country.” While simultaneously calling out Trump for his sexism and destigmatizing menstruation, Levy also sold this painting on Ebay and gave the proceeds to an organization that provides aid to Mexican immigrants in the United States. All over your face, Donnie Boy.

2. 3-D Printed Butt Plug, Fernando Sosa

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Also enraged about Donald Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants, Fernando Sosa immortalized America’s favorite mouthpiece in the classy and functional form of a (neither classy nor functional) butt plug. "All his power comes from propaganda,” he says. “But when you take away his ego by destroying their propaganda, that's the only way to attack a hater or a homophobe. If someone is working in his office and then secretly laughing at Donald Trump's face because it reminds him of a buttplug, then I think I've done my job." Read more about Sosa and his political butt plugs in a recent article right here on The Creators Project.

3. What A Piece Of Shit, Hanksy

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Originally posted on Instagram, street artist Hanksy (a play on words between Banksy and Tom Hanks, after an incident when Hanksy painted Tom Hanks’ face on a Banksy piece) depicted Donald Trump as literally as he possibly could. Hanksy is known for his puns and literal thinking: you can just imagine him watching Trump and thinking, “what a piece of shit,” and suddenly, birthing art. See more of Hanksy's work on on Instagram.

4. #ASHOTATDONALD, Illegal Mezcal

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Posters and T-shirts proclaiming “Donald, Eres Un Pendejo” (loosely translated as “Donald, you’re a jackass"), like the one above, have been cropping up all over the place, and this is why. Illegal Mezcal, “a handcrafted brand of Mexican artisanal liquor with a notorious history that includes smuggling and weeklong parties in a clandestine bar in Guatemala,” launched a campaign in which they'll donate $2 of every shot taken of their mezcal that is posted on Instagram to organizations that support undocumented youth. Drink up!

5. #BlowUpTrump, Saint Hoax

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If this goes on, we could have whole sex shops devoted to Mr. Trump alone. Enraged by the politician’s comments on Syrian refugees (“They’re going back!”), Syrian artist Saint Hoax created a blow-up doll aptly named #BlowUpTrump. “Like Trump, the 5-foot doll is filled with nothing but air. Without the air that you exhale into it, this doll is as empty as Trump’s statements,” Saint Hoax wrote on Instagram. All proceeds from the sales of the blowup doll will go towards the UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency, currently focusing on aiding the very Syrian refugees Trump so reviles. The doll also comes equipped with a needle to pop the doll when you’ve just had enough, a strategy that probably wouldn’t work on the live version.


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