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Relive The Best Moments Of Summer With This Laid-Back Short Film Series

One last (cinematic) shot at remembering the best of summer before we break out the sweaters and parkas.

by Beckett Mufson
Sep 2 2014, 3:30pm

Labor day has passed, students are making their begruding migration back to school, and the days get shorter with every rotation on the Earth's axis: it's officially the end of summer. Filmmaker Mark Mazur created a short ode to the season's demise with AUGUST, the third in a series of films devoted to each month of the year's sunniest season. From close-ups of smoky campfires to action shots of football and tennis—expertly aided my Mazur's meticulous sound design—AUGUST captures everything we're going to miss about our laid back summer days.

The good news is that we're primed for top notch sweater weather come fall, but whenever we miss these scorching—yet carefree—times, we can just pull up Mazur's shorts and reminisce whenever we want. Below, check out the first two summer shorts, JUNE and JULY, as well as some freeze frames from AUGUST guaranteed to thaw your frozen body once winter comes.

Check out Mazur's Vimeo channel here, Instagram page here, and website here to get another taste of his beautiful cinematorgraphy.


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