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Architects Imagine A "Living Skyscraper" That's One With Nature

"Re-Silience" is as close to living in an Ent from Lord Of The Rings as you'll ever get.

by Zach Sokol
Apr 9 2014, 3:50pm

Images via eVolvo

At the end of March, we covered a part-skyscraper, part-forest-saving reservoir concept building called the Rainforest Guardian that has the potential to preserve and benefit the wildlife in which it's built. While that honorable mention from eVolvo Skyscraper Competition set to save the rainforest, another honorable mention from the same competition is literally made from the forest—as in, a living skyscraper. 

We've seen skyscraper-tall vertical gardens before, but the concept design for "Re-Silience" is some next-level greenery. The building, proposed by Diego Espinosa Figueroa, and Javiera Valenzuela Gonzalez of Chile, sets to create structure by treating biomass and soil as "one in the same." 

The structure is based on observations of natural forms like honeycombs, coral reefs, and ant nests. It would have an energy system composed by geothermal plant and solar panels, a water system that collects rainwater and underground water, and a platform system that connects the main floors with habitable capsules. Not only would the structure be made of earth, but based on the sketches, it appears like the semi-cavernous skyscraper would have moss-covered walls, as well. 

Of course, this is all concept design, but imagine living in an apartment complex that is literally one with nature. Sure, mold would be a natural occurence, but the air couldn't get fresher. See some sketches of "Re-Silience" below:

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