Leaked 'Banksy Does New York' Teasers Temporarily Tag YouTube

The user-generated Banksy documentary premieres on Oct. 31, but you can get a taste of the footage from these brief clips.

by Beckett Mufson
Oct 27 2014, 10:25pm

Images courtesy of HBO

In the film teaser equivalent of Mission Impossible's, "This tape will self-destruct," motif, HBO has announced it will "leak" one short clip from the user-generated film, Banksy Does New York, per day, from today until October 31. Each clip will be available on YouTube for approximately 24 hours, and then, in the same vein as graffiti when it gets painted over, promptly removed from view.  

Banksy Does New York documents the iconic street artist's 2013 residency in New York through the eyes and ears of excited YouTubers, Tweeters, and Facebookers. The first clip in the series followed a young couple's drive through Manhattan as they track down Banksy's Oct. 9 Night Vision Horse installation in the lower east side.

There will be a new leak every day until the film's HBO Go premiere on Friday, Oct. 31. If the press photos below are any indication, we might expect appearances from Banksy classics, including the girl with the heart balloon, the rainforest truck, and the "meat truck." 

Check back here from now until October 31 to view the newest Banksy Does New York leak. 


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