Cory Arcangel Wants You To "Fuck Negativity"

The artist released his new "surfware" collection to help you coast the Internet in style.

Dec 13 2015, 7:00pm

All images courtesy of Arcangel Surfware

By now, Cory Arcangel's name has become synonymous with Internet-centric appropriation art that plays on viewers' technological nostalgia and creates a dissonant, almost uncanny sensation.

The artist has brought his unique vision to bear on exhibitions the world over and has pieces in many public collections, including ones at the MoMA, the Tate, and the Smithsonian. And Arcangel’s work is just as broad and far-reaching as the term "net art" itself, dabbling in everything from rainbow gradients and video game hacks to a series of television projections. This series, called Lakes, merges pop culture figures with the unnatural zen of one of those moving waterfall pictures you can find hanging on the walls of some Chinese restaurants. But Arcangel's latest endeavor is bringing his art into a new realm: clothing design.

His 2015 clothing collection FUCK NEGATIVITY takes inspiration from that aforementioned Lakes series, specifically a piece entitled Going Negative/Lakes, which consists of a flat-screen television turned on its side with the now-title of his clothing line projected across it.The words are mirror reflected by the Java applet “lakes” which creates a rippling, water-like appearance. This collection marks a serious departure from Arcangel’s first apparel offerings in 2014, which featured his signature neon-hued gradient splashed across slightly oversized hoodies and sweats.

In FUCK NEGATIVITY, the casual, athleisure aesthetic is still present (the line features plenty of those same gamer-friendly sweatsuits) but the color is gone, replaced instead by a monochromatic palette that underscores the intensity of his tongue-in-cheek, self-help message. Created in partnership with Bravado, a global music merchandising company, the 2015 Arcangel Surfware collection has also expanded well beyond the bounds of schlubby gymwear to include dog tags, candles, lighters, a limited edition trench coat, lip balm, and “‘brah’ style sliders.” The result is an array of products for the health goth in all of us, targeted at “content creators of all ages.”

Arcangel describes the intent behind his latest offerings in a press release for the collection, saying, "This new line represents a leap forward for the brand. The bright colors might be gone, but what definitely remains is the positive attitude. I wanted to make a line of ‘inspirational’ products for today’s gravers – mal(l)ware so to speak. I was thinking of all the former MySpace ’scene’ enthusiasts who now work at—perhaps—startups. Maybe Aeron chairs are involved. I’m not sure. Anyway, this line is for them. In conclusion… life is nothing but a never ending up-hill battle. It’s important to keep your head up and moving forward. Gotta stay on it. Let’s do this. FUCK NEGATIVITY.”

The line fittingly made its debut on Cyber Monday, but additional pieces from the collection will be released throughout December on


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