The Artist Who Drew the Internet Releases a Color Copy

Ben Redford colors in all of 'Internetopia,' his massive, crowdsourced illustration.

by Becky Chung
Jan 28 2015, 8:00pm

Images courtesy the artist

Three months of drawing, 220 pledges, and 3,012 commissioned segments later, artist Ben Redford emerged with what is possibly the largest crowdsourced drawing ever to be created by a single human being: Internetopia, a 6.5' x 5' illustration of the Internet. He then spent the next three months coloring the massive pen and pencil sketch.

Today, Redford releases the fully chromatic masterpiece, and it already feels like Dorothy left her gray Kansas for a vibrant Oz.

The concept was simple: anyone could purchase a “cube” of space on Internetopia and request a drawing of whatever they wanted. And they did: while gazing into Internetopia, says Redford, you’ll be able to spot a total of seven Where's Waldos, three penises, the number 42, and animals in all forms doing all kinds of wacky activities. 500 signed and numbered lithographs of the color version, printed on 170 GSM Olin rough paper, are now available for purchase here.

Below, check out Internetopia and its glorious now-colored details:

Explore Internetopia on Squarespace


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