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Arca And Jesse Kanda Collaborate Again On Film Oddity, 'TRAUMA Scene 1'

The experimental video piece includes amorphous, infant creatures dancing together. It's out there.

by Zach Sokol
Mar 18 2014, 6:00pm

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't an Arca fanboy. The left-field producer has continuously enlightened my ears with his sui generis beats, as well as my eyeballs when he collaborates with visual artist, Jesse Kanda. The two artists have collaborated on a variety of projects, including album art, music videos, an experimental fashion film (sans models), as well as a takeover of MoMA PS1 that included tripped-out visual sculptures to match the equally out-there sounds. Today, the two are back with a new collaboration, TRAUMA Scene 1, and it furthers the complementary relationship between these two avant-garde maestros. 

The visual piece is for "Knot," an excerpt from Arca's 2013 cult-favorite, &&&&& mixtape (that's was available on vinyl until it sold out). The cut is part of an ongoing film project that started with the duo's exhibition at MoMA PS1, and it will be shown in select galleries throughout the world over the next year. According to a press release, "The film follows a nonlinear narrative about the death of a salaryman, a drunk driving infant, and takes place within a subconscious world. TRAUMA’s score will span through Arca's existing and future works."  Scene 1 depicts a trio of amorphous children who "dance" in synchronized patterns, occasionally replicating familiar moves from your average pop backup dancers, and other times morphing into indeterminate creatures, of sorts. Watch the video above, and see some stills below. As always, Arca and Kanda know how to make us do a double take, be it through sound, visuals, or some crazy amalgam of the sense. 

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