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How Artists Are Remembering David Bowie, One Year Later

Also, new David Bowie songs and a music video dropped over the weekend.

by Beckett Mufson
Jan 10 2017, 4:45pm

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January of 2016 was an emotional roller coaster for David Bowie fans. It began with two triumphant singles from his 25th album Blackstar, careened through the rock legend's 69th birthday, the release of the full album, and then his sudden death from a cancer kept secret from all but his closest confidants. One year later, his death is seen as the first in a string of depressing events that made 2016 synonymous with the words "the worst." 

The Thin White Duke's posthumous 70th birthday was Sunday, January 8, and today marks the first anniversary of his death. Instagram's creative class is out in melancholy force, sharing their illustrations, photographs, paintings, sculptures, dolls, and other creative tributes in solidarity—the social media equivalent of a black mourning veil. The artists include Mick Rock, who photographed Bowie's various personas throughout his rise, and Helen Green, known for succinctly animating Bowie's haircut repertoire into a single GIF.

Bowie's producer and longtime friend Tony Visconti said in an interview with The Mirror that he still talks to Bowie in his head all the time. "It’s still very hard to come to terms with," he says. It's a sentiment echoed by his army of inspirees, who in many cases remark that they literally are listening to him through their headphones as they make their tributes. These artworks are part of Ziggy Stardust's extensive legacy on this Earth, which includes personal memories, several films, a multi-million dollar art collection, and 25 innovative albums.

On Saturday, a day before his birthday, the Bowie Vevo channel released a posthumous video for "No Plan," the titular track of a new EP which includes never-before-heard songs from the Bowie-penned musical, Lazarus. Directed by Tom Hingston, the mysterious video sees a crowd gathered around a window display of TVs broadcasting the song's bleak lyrics. The EP also includes “When I Met You” and “Killing a Little Time,” which aren't included on Blackstar. Check out Instagram's tributes to the artist and his new video below.


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Buon compleanno #DavidBowie "You are a Black star" (Inchiostro e pastello su carta) // sold // 2016

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Secret Life of a Teenage Cat. #cat #sketch #pentelbrushpen #doodle #watercolor #kitty #bowie

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As long as you love thy grimey self +:) #davidbowie #deladeso

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Happy 70th #davidbowie #draw #drawing #goblinking #illustrate #robisrael

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#neverforget #bowie

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Happy Birthday, dear David. Your legacy is extraordinary, but still, you left too soon, far too soon. xM

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