It's Great to Be a Romanian Horse on Easter

In the Romanian town of Targoviste, the horses have their manes decorated, get blessed by a priest, and parade through the streets pulling carts.

by Eli Driu
Apr 13 2017, 7:04pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania

'When Horses Celebrate Easter' is a yearly celebration that takes place on the first week of Lent in the Romanian town of Targoviste. The custom is mostly observed by the town's small, but fiery Bulgarian community as a means of remembering their nomadic, horse-riding roots.

On the day, the horses are pulled out of their stables and their long manes get combed and decorated with colorful bows. Then they are paraded through the town square to the local Bulgarian church, where they are blessed by a priest. Along the way, many of the horses pull carts, on which any local or tourist can hop to experience a mini traffic jam, à la horse.

The horses are then brought back to the Bulgarian neighborhood, where they are made to do all sorts of tricks—like pull two wooden carts at once or do some complicated hops. The weirdest part is that most Romanians don't even know the festival exists, but they  use the expression "When horses celebrate Easter" as a way of saying "Never."

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