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Five Arrested in Alleged Coachella Phone Theft Conspiracies

This is the second wave of major Coachella phone theft arrests.

by Britt Julious
Apr 23 2017, 10:28pm

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Phone thieves have returned to Coachella.

After one man was arrested last weekend for stealing more than 100 cell phones, five additional people were arrested this weekend for stealing more than 40 cell phones. In addition to stealing the phones, the arrested were also charged with stealing cash and credit cards at the festival.

According to The Desert Sun, police in Indio received numerous reports of stolen phones and identified two different groups of suspects. Angela Trevino of New York City and Viviana Hernandez were reportedly working together. Brenda Cansino of Miami, Sharon Ruiz of Van Nuys and Marco Leon of Los Angeles were also reportedly working together in a separate group, reports The Desert Sun.

The five arrested were taken into custody at the Riverside County Jail for grand theft, possession of stolen property and conspiracy. Recovered phones will be left at the festival's lost and found, Indio Police said in a press release.