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Jubilee and Katy B Talk Rats, R&B, and RinseFM on Episode 11 of The Pre-Game

Plus a down and dirty DJ mix from Jubilee, as usual.

by Jubilee
Apr 12 2017, 9:08pm

On Episode 11 of The Pregame Podcast, Jubilee and her very special guest decided to shake things up. First off, her guest this week isn't a "DJ" in the classic sense, but instead, the beloved UK songwriter Katy B, who was recently living in New York City for a couple of months. In addition to the getting introduced to what was currently popping off in the Big Apple's nightlife scene, Katy B was introduced to another of the city's late-night staples: rats. The rest is history. 

Following the brief rodent talk, in place of the show's usual guest mix Katy B and Jess go over some of Katy's favorite jams, as well as Jubilee's favorite tracks that Katy B has written over the years. From there the pair talk UK garage, R&B, and how the radio station RinseFM turned the vocalist into one of the UK's most treasured artists. If you haven't ever spent some time with Katy's music, you better do so because she has a new album in the works. 


Lizzo - "Deep (Jubilee Remix)"
Schlachtofbronx - "Take It Low (feat. Double J)"
Brenmar - "I Need You"
Divoli S'Vere - "Deep Inside Ha"
Lo '99 and Sinden- "2Nite"
Kingdom - "Stalker Ha (DJ J HEAT remix)"
Nightwave - "WAVEJUMPER"

Katy B