Upgrade Your Bulky Wii Remote into a Comfortable SNES Controller

Because Nintendo doesn’t understand it achieved perfection in 1990.

by Matthew Gault
Nov 27 2016, 2:00pm

Nintendo has a nasty habit of getting in its own way. It bucks technological trends, manufactures false scarcity (looking at you NES Classic), and creates strange controllers for great consoles: The Nintendo 64's three-pronged controller, the Wii's wand, and Wii U's little used touch screen.

They each had a few cases where they made a lot of sense, but for most games, players just want something more simple and ergonomic. The Wii remote, for example, was not very comfortable when you turned it on its said to use it like a normal controller.

Thankfully, YouTuber lyberty5 has just the solution. The French modder's channel is called Rated-E Mods and in his latest, he walks viewers through the process of merging a Wii remote with an Super Nintendo controller.

The SNES/WiiMote merging is a complicated process for the uninitiated in the ways of solder and circuitry, but it's also a great project for beginners. Budding DIY modders will need the basics—a solder kit, a dremel tool and a hot glue gun. It's less expensive than you think and the upshot is, after all your hard work, you'll have a WiiMote that looks and feels like an SNES controller.

lyberty5's instructions are simple and succinct and will have modders hurling blue shells with the push of a red button, as Miyamoto intended.

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