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Watch Fiona Apple Shit on Trump As Much As She Can at the Standing Rock Benefit Show

She performed "Trump's Roasted Nuts" and covered "Money Changes Everything."

by Phil Witmer
Dec 19 2016, 5:23pm

Fiona Apple once compared her artistic process to defecation, not as a self-diss but to say that when art needs to come out, it'll come out. She will also take a shit on your life, which she has done so, in song, repeatedly. Apple recently took on Donald Trump in much the same manner, parodying "The Christmas Song" as "Trump's Roasted Nuts." During her appearance at the Standing Rock Benefit Show in Los Angeles, Apple performed the revised standard with her band's schmaltzy jazz backing adding to the sarcasm. She really leans into that final "FUCK YOU!!!"

To add to the critical tone, Apple also delivered a pointed cover of the Brains' "Money Changes Everything," best known through Cyndi Lauper's version in 1984. You can watch fan footage of both of Apple's protest performances below.

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