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NON Worldwide to Release VIOLENCE's Debut Album

'A Ruse of Power' is out on August 26.

by Britt Julious
Aug 15 2016, 9:47pm

Photo of VIOLENCE courtesy of label

NON Worldwide will release A Ruse of Power, the debut album from Los Angeles-based artist VIOLENCE, on August 26. VIOLENCE is the brainchild of Olin Caprison, a performance artist composer, musician and producer.

Caprison first announced the upcoming album in April with the release of their single "I Write Letters Letters To You Everyday And Burn Them In Fires Of My Pride." THUMP premiered the video for "A Hierarchy of Principles," the latest single from VIOLENCE, the same month.

According to NON, A Ruse of Power will explore and disrupt the social constructs of "race, gender, ethics and religion."

"There's an established narrative and narratives that live on the outskirts, inhabiting the shadows of monuments all over the world," Caprison told Resident Advisor. "I try to move through these various narratives, various truths and bring some syncretism, and light, to the hidden places whilst simultaneously working my own personal narrative into the mix."

A Ruse of Power tracklist:
1. Rain
2. Wintertime
3. Psycud
4. Carcrash
5. Things Fall Apart
6. Theia Collides With Earth, The Birth Of Apophenia, Nomenclature
7. Tapestry
8. Purpleman

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