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ANOHNI Shares Video For "Marrow" Starring Lorraine O'Grady

The NYC-based artist and critic lip-synchs the songs lyrics against against a plain black backdrop.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 30 2016, 4:10pm

English musician ANOHNI today shared a solemn new music video for "Marrow," off her Mercury Prize-nominated 2016 LP Hopelessness. The clip consists entirely of NYC-based artist and critic Lorraine O'Grady mouthing the lyrics to the song, just as the previous videos for album tracks "Crisis" and "Hopelessness" also starred women performers lip-synching. The format echoes ANOHNI's May performance at New York's Park Avenue Armory, which featured the artist singing in front of projections of footage in the same theme.

ANOHNI shared a message about the video called "SLAUGHTERING THE FUTURE" with THUMP via email. "Capitalism cares only for wealth extraction, from the earth and from its people. We are slaughtering the future. Only a wartime effort can save us now. Stand with the Water protectors in North Dakota. Which side are you on? History will remember all of our faces and exactly what each of us did or did not do. As a Native American elder fighting to stop the pipeline said yesterday, there is only one prayer left: save the earth."

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