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Dodi Palese Mapped His Brain To Make His New EP

Stream the whole 'Brainscapes' EP exclusively on THUMP.

by Joshua Glazer
Jan 7 2016, 5:19pm

Photo by Dodi Palese

Techno is often described as heady, but for Brainscapes, the latest release on his own Engrave LTD imprint, Dodi Palese took the concept and made it literal. In the early stages of making this EP, the always-intellectual Italian producer mapped his brain via NIS (Neurotransmission Impulse System) and used the resulting map to "visit the recondite places of the universe hidden deep within his body, taking inspiration from the incredible landscapes and the vibrating and untouchable energy flows."

What that means for listeners is five cuts of intricate techno. They pulse and shimmer like a stimulated pack of synapses sending signals down your spinal column to trigger your toes to tap in time with the steady 4/4 tempo. Your eyelids might flutter too, as the carefully crafted synth patterns activate some sort of altered state of awakening — regardless of your current body chemistry.

Brainscapes is officially out January 8 on Engrave LTD, but you can listen to it in full below.