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Brooklyn Bass Trailblazers Unite When Star Eyes Joins Jubilee on the Pre-Game Podcast

Plus two steamy mixes from the longtime pals and former roommates.

by Jubilee
Feb 24 2017, 5:10pm

Illustration by Loren Purcell.

It's no secret that Vivian Host, a.k.a Star Eyes, has been a huge influence to Jubilee for many years; they even used to be roommates. Star Eyes was once the editor of XLR8R Magazine (as well as former Editor-in-Chief of THUMP) and had originally co-founded NYC's iconic, now sadly defunct, label Trouble and Bass. She's often cited as among the the first to claim "bass music" in the US overall. Back during the time Jubilee started going out in NYC and honing her craft, Star Eyes was also part of a notable DJ duo called Syrup Girls. Eventually, the two became friends, started working, spinning, and eventually touring together.

These days Star Eyes is busy as ever running her own new label and party, Chaos Clan, hosting a show on RBMA Radio, The Vortex, and, as always, crafting bass-heavy club tracks. In addition to two DJ sets from Jubilee and Star Eyes, the longtime pals catch up about life, Star Eyes' new label, and much more.



Missy Elliot - I'm Better (Air Max '97 Retread)
Katie Rex - Francis VII
Neana - Sezana Bounce
D-DOTs - Lightning and Thunder
Kanye West- Highlights (bujufanta Freex Rmx)
Gloria Estefan - Conga (Fiinesse Remix)

Star Eyes

Star Eyes - Make Me
Limit & J Beatz - No Signal
J Kenzo - Zbantu Shake
Kahn - Fierce (Commodo Remix)
Trends and Boylan - Norman Bates
Aloka- Typo (Doctor Jeep Remix)
Apple - Siegalizer (Logo Remix)
Distro - The Drum (feat Dread MC)
NA - Brass Bin Laden
Doctor Jeep - Be Like Me
My Nu Leng & Flava D - Soul Shake (Xpress Breakbeat Mix)
TMSV - Expensive Suit (Archive Remix)
Jubilee - Stingray Shuffle
Skream - You Know Right?
Answer Code Request- Calm Down
Benton - Coolest Gang

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