Watch This Guy Recreate the Game of Thrones Theme Song in 20 Minutes

We could have made a 'winter is coming' joke, but we didn't.

by Ziad Ramley
Apr 22 2015, 8:42pm

If you've ever wondered what a genuine audio engineer can do that your Fruity Loops-banging trap producer roommate can't, look no further than Dr. Mix.

Based in London, Dr. Mix are an online mixing and mastering service that work on everything from latin love ballads to soulless tech house (the worst genre of music). Now, today, in 2015, one of their employees has re-created the Game Of Thrones theme song in its entirety in just over 20 minutes.

Game Of Thrones covers are nothing new; with each season comes new, more fantastic iterations. There was this cello and bongo cover by "cello rock" band Break of Reality in 2013. Last year, a classical group posted a cover to YouTube that attracted over 2 million views. There's even a Western cover that exists for reasons both unknown and profound. But a cover done by one Cheetoh-fuelled musician in a single take? We're officially north of the wall now.

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