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Last Weekend, DJ Harvey Reminded Us Why He's the Best DJ on Earth

The disco elder statesmen's set at Ministry of Sound was everything we could have wanted and more.

by Josh Baines
Apr 27 2016, 2:11pm

The man in that photo above is the best DJ in the world. That is DJ Harvey and if you've seen DJ Harvey play out in the last twenty five or so years you'll probably be in agreement that DJ Harvey is the best DJ in the world. Because he is. He just is the best DJ in the world.

Just this weekend we got yet more proof of Harvey Bassett's godlike genius as the elder statesmen of disco strutted into South London superclub Ministry of Sound for a Saturday night spectacular. Somehow, somehow, it was even better than eating a curry in front of Ant and Dec and falling asleep three games into Match of the Day. Harv'd brought a few friends along for the ride and the bill was one of the best we've seen in the capitol in a long, long time. Terry Farley! Will Bankhead! Maurice Fulton! Mixmaster Morris! Awesome Tapes from Africa! That's definitely better than butter chicken, coconut rice, chips, two samosas, and a garlic naan.

While we sampled every DJ on offer, feeling that it was only fair to get a taster of the event as a whole, we, predictably, spent most of our time with Harv. Tucked away in The Box, with a insane soundsystem, the man was in fine fettle.

Now, DJ Harvey's a master of the build-up, a tantric selector not afraid to take things veeeeeeeeeeery slowly, and his Ministry set was seven hours of out of this world cosmic chug that rolled and rolled and kept the absolutely jam-packed room enthralled all night long. It felt, at times, like being trapped in one massive arpeggiated bassline for hours on end, but not as hellish as that sounds. We sweated, we danced, we got into an Uber in the grim grey light of a Sunday morning absolutely elated.

Any night where you get to hear the greatest DJ in the world drop this is a night to be cherished forever.

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