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Watch an Explosive Dance Video Featuring New Music from Litefeet Champions HANN

It features the legendary Beyoncé tour dancers the Les Twins.

by Ezra Marcus
Nov 23 2016, 8:45pm

One of New York's most fascinating scenes is hiding right beneath our feet—in the subway specifically, where dancers perform acrobatic moves set to a wild homegrown genre of music called litefeet. You should read Noisey's in-depth feature for more background—essentially, it's a genre of instrumental dance music incorporating the sonic palette of classic New York producers like Swizz Beats, repurposed specifically to make dancers move their bodies on dancefloors, subway cars, and anywhere else.

The duo HANN are two of the genre's fastest rising stars—we're blessed to be able to premiere their latest single "HANN Wrap," an explosive burst of rhythmic fun that will have you thinking you can do a flip on the M train (hint: you can't). Even better, the song is set to a dance video featuring the legendary Les Twins—they're an ultra-talented pair of siblings who have danced on tour with Beyoncé.

HANN consists of Lil Live and Chris Designs, who hail from Central Islip, NY and the Bronx, respectively. Over email, they gave us some background on their latest track.

"'HANN Wrap' gives you that extraterrestrial energy that makes you want to get up and do the impossible," explained Lil Live. "Once the drums and vocals were imported from Fl Studio into Ableton Live, I took the track to the next level by adding in some high energy synths and leads."

"I started scrolling through my sounds, then I came across some fire ass vocals that I chopped the night before," added Chris Designs. "It was so fire, I lost the idea I had in my head, I was like 'fuck it, these vocals are too fire, let me start some shit with them'....At this point, I was mad hype so I started looking through drum kits for sounds to create an instrumental and came across some dope percussion sound, I recorded a fire rhythm that matched the vocal pattern. I knew with just the vocals and percussion I had, this track was definitely going to be a banger."

The video was produced by dance institution Yak Films; in addition to the Les Twins it features the ferocious talents of Waydi, The Boom Squad, Storm Debarge, and Lady Boom.

Watch the video and check out the song below. You can also download a bundle of HANN tunes for free courtesy of BitTorrent here and stream them below.

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