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Stream an Exclusive Remix of Disclosure's "Voices"

Get happy—it's time for some Le Youth piano house!

by Max Pearl
Nov 27 2013, 11:30pm

The 90s were pretty great, right? There was AOL, Dolly the sheep, the end of the Cold War, and hella CD burners. There was also plenty of piano house, which may be our favorite thing about the 90s. Thanks to Disclosure and their cadre of collaborators, 2013 is sounding a lot like 1992, except now we have computers the size of a manila envelope and we don't need those big metal boxes to make basslines anymore.

Enter Le Youth, a Los Angeles-based young gun with an eye towards the pop stylings of years past and a penchant for diva vocals. He provided this totally breezy remix of "Voices," Disclosure's new single with British songstress Sasha Keable and if you have any heart this will get your euphoria gland stirring for a few minutes. We've got the exclusive stream here at THUMP and we're freakin' stoked about it. Onward!

Max Pearl wants less cowbell, more piano -@maxpearl